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Next Class Date, Assignments & Questions

May 4, 2006:  EBay – Global Expansion through Acquisitions

Team:  Team 8


bullet Read case “Meg Whitman and eBay Germany”
bullet Read case “Philipp Justus at eBay Germany (A)”
bullet Read Article “The World According to eBay” (Contact Lori Davis for Email Link)


1. What has made eBay so successful to date? What has eBay been able to do that its other competitors couldn’t match?

2. What caused eBay Germany’s decline post the acquisition by eBay? How did Justus try to deal with the low morale?

3. What made the migration of eBay Germany to the common eBay platform so difficult? What organizational change did Justus implement in response to this crisis?

4. EBay lost to rival Yahoo in the Japanese marketplace.  Why?

5. Discuss EBay's approach to Mainland China.  Opinions regarding the best expansion strategy?


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