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Susan Reneau
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Current Assignment

Extra credit should be submitted as seperate attachment from assignment.

Please note: Assignments are due the Tuesday before class at 6pm. Assignments should be submitted via email to Professor Wu (charles [at] professorwu.com) and Evette (mba290g [at] gmail.com).

11/25/2009 Samsung and Apple's Product Development

I've got a number of readings (read 2-3 articles from each group) and would like people to prepare for the following question:

Compare and contrast Samsung's and Apple's product development process. How is this different from a typical technology company's product development process? Turning in answers will be optional since this is an optional class.

•"Samsung Design," David Rocks and Moon Ihlwan. Businessweek, April, 2004
•"Q&A with Samsung Design Boss Chung Kook Hyon,' Rocks & Moon, ibid.
•"Seoul of Design," Bill Breen. Fast Company, December 19, 2007
•"Samsung Designs and Innovative Future," Strategic Direction, Emerald Group Publishing, 2005
•"Interview with chief executive Geesung Choi," International Herald Tribune, March, 2005
•Samsung Electronics Corporate Website: www.samsung.com/us

•"What Makes Apple Golden." B. Morris, J. Levinstein, Fortune, 3/17/2008, Vol 157, pp40-44
•"The Secret of Apple Design." Daniel Turner, MIT Technology Review, May 2007
•"Who is Jonathan Ive?" Peter Burrows, Businessweek, September 2007.
•"Apple Design Process." Helen Walters, March 2008, Tech Beat by Businessweek
•"Apple: Frugal to a Fault?" Wolverton, Troy, TheStreet.com, 3/15/06


Wired Article:

IVE Interview:

IVE slideshow:

good set of articles: outsourcing innovation:

Apple Corporate History (1976-1995):

The individual assignment regarding what you have learned is the Monday AFTER Thanksgiving.
12/2/2009 Class Review

Review each class to date and summarize the top 2-3 things you learned from each class. This is an individual assignment.